Multimodal transport

Within our wide range of possibilities, we always search for the most efficient and cost effective solution for your logistics needs. By combining several processes into one service, we build custom made solutions.
Our most common multimodal services are:

Combined food transport from EU countries into Central Asia.

This service includes:

  • Road transport between the supplier and our reloading points in Poland
  • Reloading of goods from trailers to wide-track railway wagons
  • Veterinary and customs clearance
  • Handling of all necessary documentation for railway shipment
  • Railway transport to desired destinations
  • Monitoring of goods and their whereabouts during the total trip


Combined transport from and to Ireland.

This service includes:

  • Container shipping from Ireland to reloading hubs in The Netherlands
  • Reloading from containers into trailers in warehouses or coldstores
  • Temporary storage in warehouses or coldstores, if necessary or requested
  • Transferring documentation to the next transport stage
  • Direct trailer delivery to the desired unloading point(s)


This whole process also takes place the other way around, with shipments into Ireland